she / fae / ve
15 bi transfem
south asian (pk!)

🖇️twt priv ig
my discord is vibrantsummer#1462 !


BYF! in the osc, don't refer to me as a he or anythn masc pls. try use tone tags whenever possible. dm for blacklist lol.
DNI! support dreams actions, mspec lesbians, basic dni criteria, just an asshole in general, irls, proshipper, nsfw acc
INTERESTS! object shows (mainly II, V&V and GC), madoka, YTTD, literature, programming


QPPS! jamie, maya, solar, midnight, boba
friends! telekiwi, ana, darnerdim, colored, alex, glitter, ad, coke, chip, astral, nas, acutdoggi, dyse, lilcat, steel, sya, emy, bunners, romeo, jayden, vy, mono, terra, battlereviews, gab

if we're mutuals and you wanna be added, dm me on twt!